Friday, August 11, 2006


I know you've been anxiously awaiting my next genius post. Well, I don't have anything genius to say so I'll throw out these tidbits for FIVE FRIDAY!!!

1. I'm busy. Not just busy-body busy. I'm BUSY! Busy at work, busy at home, and I'm running for school board so I've got campaigning to do. That school board thing is a whole different post. More on that later.

2. My brother brought me back som SoBeLean on his last trip home. I love that stuff. I keep it warm in the garage and only put one in the fridge at a time. Not cause I'm lazy - I just don't want my boys stealing the stuff. THIS DRINK IS MOMMY'S!!!

3. I'm pondering letting my kids have some friends stay overnight tonight. But 4 wild boys in my house for many hours? Yikes.

4. I am in over my head with projects. I'm still in the middle of painting my garage. And you all know how nice a half-painted garage looks sitting in your yard. SWEET. And my flower beds, which look nice from a distance, look like a junkyard up close.

5. I cannot wait until August 19. Party Time!!!!