Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making the Rounds in Texas

I'm in Texas this week and having a great time!

Today I spent the day in Lubbock visiting co-workers. I had a great day meeting everyone face to face rather than over email or messaging. Red Raiders are pretty nice people, even to a Cyclone.

Tonight I flew to Houston and got to have a VERY late dinner with my grandparents. Tomorrow will be spent with family all day. Should be a great day! Saturday morning we're back to Iowa.

Anytime you leave your home area, you pick up on the funny things about other parts of America. If there are any Texans out there, tell me if these are right or wrong:

  • It's not "pop" down here. It's "cokes". Except coke doesn't necessarily mean Coke. It usually means Dr. Pepper. Seriously, everywhere I look there's Dr. Pepper.
  • The street lights hang sideways. Iowa hangs them the long way - Texas hangs them on their side.
  • Pool Boy is along with me and spent time at the mall today. He could not believe how much jewelry was for sale! Apparently Texans like their jewelry.

Speaking of jewelry, I got a gift on my trip! A co-worker gave me two pairs of earrings and a necklace. I love all of it and will wear some of it tomorrow.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Green Comment

"Mom, can you hot glue my blankets to the wall? I CAN NOT keep them on my bed at night!"


I'm headed to Texas later this week for a part business/part personal trip. I've been cold since October so it will be nice to be someplace warm for a few days! More on that trip later...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hanging with The Boys

Last night I had the opportunity to spend the evening with the boys at the Iowa State Women's basketball game. Three was a ball shagger for the game and Green and I sat in the front row. We had a great time and I proved that mom could hang with the boys at a sporting event.

But I think there were a few times where Green was thinking to himself, "Why isn't Dad here?".

Incident Number 1:
Me: Wow, that team is really doing a good job with their guarding!
Green: You mean D? They have good D, mom.
Me: Yeah. D.

Incident Number 2:
Me: I really like to look at all the different kinds of shoes the players have.
Green: Seriously mom? I like to look at the kind of plays they have. Who cares about their shoes?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Here is What It's Like

It's hard to explain what grief is like, especially when you are a few months or years out from the initial blow of it. This morning while reading the newspaper, I found it. THIS is what grief is. 
"At some point it becomes something bearable. It turns into something you can crawl out from under. And carry around - like a brick in your pocket. And you forget it every once in awhile, but then you reach in for whatever reason and there it is: 'Oh, right. That.' "