Friday, September 15, 2006

Green3's Obzervashuns on Runin for Skool Bored

Be very very careful when typing the word “public”. It’s very close to the word “pubic”.

Doors work awesome for signs. You could come up with cool slogans like “Opening the door to education” or “Doorway to Excellence” or “Please pretend that this is not a door. It’s the only wood I could find.”

It’s hard to find good help for painting the doors signs. First of all, they complain a lot. Second, they demand $1.00 per side, but you can easily negotiate down to $1.00 per door.

Take a lot of pictures of your door painters. It really pisses them off.

At some point you realize that “Damn, my campaign is based on doors?” You’ll then decide to fork over the $130 for professional signs.

Holding public office is not the key to becoming a millionaire. Maybe if it was "pubic" office, I might be able to get paid a bit more.

Wait, I ran for school board? I thought you said, “Will you run for cool Ford?” I’m no runner, but I’d do about anything for a free new car. Even if it is a Ford.

Candidates put themselves out there in front of the public to be judged and questioned. And questioned you will be:
Q: What are your thoughts on schools?
A: I like ‘em.

Q: Do you think the community will be willing to elect two women to the school board?
A: Roundhouse kick to the shin. No verbal response given.

Q: Boxers or briefs?
A: Thongs, thank you.