Tuesday, October 03, 2006

For The Love of Technology

Let me provide some background information:

  1. We are NASCAR fans. More specifically, I am a Jimmie Johnson fan.
  2. My husband is an elementary computer teacher.
So I had been looking around for some Jimmie Johnson earrings to wear to the NASCAR race last year. I could not find any locally so I casually mentioned to DH that I was going to check out ebay.

The next day, I was at work but was checking my home email – which is our email address we use for our ebay account. I see that DH has been bidding on something so I open the email to see what it is. “Holy Crap!” I said to myself. “He’s bidding on Jimmie Johnson nipple rings? Exactly who does he think he’s married to?”

I immediately jump on instant messenger, because that’s how nerds communicate. Now remember, on the other side of that instant message is an elementary computer teacher who is innocently unaware of what is about to happen. He’s got his computer screen displayed on the screen, demonstrating something to his class. He’s going along with his class, his pupils listening and watching intently. When out of the blue pops up this instant message…ON THE SCREEN IN FRONT OF YOUNG INNOCENT CHILDREN.

Why the hell are you buying me NIPPLE RINGS? My nipples aren’t pierced!

Technology. Gotta love it.

Note: DH was simply thinking that I could use the nipple rings as earrings. Poor guy.