Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WFMW: Christmas Idea #1 - Perfect Gift for Your Sports Fan

Note: Yeah, I know this formatting is all horked up. But I'm tired of trying to fix it!

If you have a child who is a sports nut like my Green, then I have found the perfect Christmas present for you!

Click Here ==>>>That's Me Sports
Ok, here's the deal. You can purchase a CD with 10 minutes of play-by-play action of your favorite sports and they use your child's name as the star of the game! I encourage you to listen to the examples on their website. They sound AWESOME. My son throws a ball around every free moment he has. He's always doing his own play-by-play commentary. He is seriously going to go nuts when he hears this and he can play it while he's throwing the ball around. I know they have done some CDs for college teams, so if you don't find the team you are looking for on their website, I encourage you to ask if they have it.
Iowa State Cyclones and Iowa Hawks (football) can be found at Sport About for Kids at Valley West Mall. They have pre-made ones with just a first name. They are around $15.00. So if first name is ok, then go for it. If full name would totally ROCK, then get the custom one from their website.
So GO HERE NOW and order yours today so it gets here in time for Christmas!
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