Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Bugged

I want a gmail account but the dudes at the gmail company are ignoring me. I applied for an account so many times I’m sure they have me blocked somehow by now. People who read my blog have been wanting to, like, email me and stuff.

My house is eternally cluttered. I can keep the kitchen, dining room and living room picked up and cleaned. But the rest of the house doesn’t have a prayer.

Ever since I became Green 3 Budget Queen, the payment we’re making on my husband’s truck has bugged the hell out of me. It’s $455 per month. Now I’m almost obsessed with getting that thing paid off.

I can’t get into an exercise routine. The other night I even opened the door and headed in there, but then decided the room was too messy to work out in. So I closed the door and went and plopped myself on the couch.

IE7 won’t load on my laptop at home. It gets all horked up. So I’ve reverted back to IE6, but I keep Mozilla on the side because the new Blogger won’t work with IE6.

Our family loves a good vacation. We were just in Vegas a few months ago. And we’re known to take off on weekend jaunts fairly often. (I think that’s the first time I’ve ever typed the word”jaunt”.) But now that I’m in budget mode, how do I justify a spring trip? We could drive, but we’re flyers. We don’t drive very far. We’re suffering from Colorado withdrawal so I’ll have to figure out something. There’s nothin better than Summit County in the winter. Ok, maybe there are tons of things better but I thought that line would sound cool.

And for those of you who are bugged about my sidebars not being updated since my blog remodel, tough. I'll get to it when I'm good and ready.