Monday, April 30, 2007

My 201st Post!

That's right folks! And to celebrate passing the 200 mark, I volunteered to have Sandy ask me some questions. I know you are all just dying to hear more about green3.

1. What is something (not immoral or illegal) that if you did it, it would shock everyone?
This is scary to answer. What if I wrote something and then everyone said, “I can SO see you doing that!” I could go with the obvious murder, affair, drugs answer and be safe. But I’ll venture out bit and say these things:

If I became a “nature” person, meaning I quit using my car, quit using all forms of electronics, only ate organic food, quit shaving my legs and arms, only bought food from a farmer’s market, took my own cloth bags to the market and so on. You all know the kind of person I’m talking about. And that ain’t me.

Bought an Apple computer.

Voted Republican for a presidential election. I’ve crossed party lines before, but never for the big office.

Took my kids out of school and home schooled them. Of course that would require me to quit my job, which would be yet another shock.

Had another baby.

2. Of all the things someone could say about you, what would make you feel the best?
The most important job I have right, and the one I work hardest at, is being a good mom. So I would hope that people see my as a good mom.

3. What reality tv show would you most like to be on?
I would totally suck on Survivor. I have no survival skills. I can’t start a fire, find my own food, sleep in a tent that I had to make myself from twigs and leaves, or go without food for more than 4 hours. If I signed up for Survivor, that would have to be an answer for question 1.

The Amazing Race – It would be amazing if I thought I could actually do that. I’m smarter than that. I know that’s not my thing.

So I’ll go with The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search. KIDDING

I think I’d kick ass on The Apprentice. Plus, I think Donald Trump is a financial genius.

4. What does a woman or man need most from a husband or wife?
Pool Boy and I could not have been better matched. And here are the reasons why:

We have the same work ethic. If there is something to be done or something you want, get off your ass and get to it.

We both strive to be excellent parents. We involve our kids in what we have going on, and we involve ourselves in what they have going on. And we do more than just the normal parent stuff – we have FUN with our kids. Our family rocks.

We both take responsibility for the house. It’s not one person’s job to do laundry, one person’s job to pick up the house, one person’s job to make dinner, and so on. We share tasks on everyone. Well, except the toilet. Apparently it IS one person’s job to clean the toilet.

5. Which toppings make up the perfect pizza?
I am the most boring pizza person on the planet. My answer is SAUSAGE and CHEESE. Sorry about that.

C'mon, friends! Now let me ask YOU 5 questions. Post a comment here or email me at thegreen3 at gmaildotcom.

Thanks, Sandy. That was fun!