Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Junk Stand

**Here's some information about this letter. For our baseball league, if a parent is unwilling to volunteer their time to help in the concession stand, they are charged $20.00 so the city can pay to hire someone to work for the night.

Dear Crazy Lady -

First you showed up late for practice. Then you mouthed off to Pool Boy and his assistant coach in front of the whole team of kids. Pool Boy was very impressed the way you chucked that check at him at practice last night.

You yelled, "Here are my boys. And here is the check that is totally ridiculous and unnecessary! The main reason we came to play ball here is because (the town they live in) has this same policy. And now you are doing it to me here!" The memo line on the check said, "unnecessary money for the junk stand."

So I have some questions for you.

1. Did you really force your kids to play on teams in a different town over a stupid concession stand policy? Don't you think they probably want to play with their friends?

2. Who the hell SHOULD work in the concession stand then?

3. Without the concession stand, how would we have enough money to have a baseball and softball league?

4. What will your kids think of you when they get older and realize what an idiot they have for a mother?

5. Do you know how awesome I think it is that you had to pay $40.00 because you have two players on the team? That rocks.

We'll take your money for the concession stand. But you better sure as hell never get thirsty when you are sitting out at a ballgame. Especially if I'm working in the concession stand that night.

Play Ball,