Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pool Girl

It turns out being Pool Girl is not as cool as it sounds. I was asked to be Pool Boy’s assistant for an evening and much to his excitement, I shipped off the kids and went along.

First, we had to break into the pool area by taking the hinges out of the gate and taking out the door. Now tell me this doesn’t look suspicious? I think the fact that I was pulling a power washer behind me and carrying a huge scrub brush kept us from getting arrested.

Dispatcher: “911. What is your emergency?”

Neighbor: “Yeah, I think these two people are breaking into our neighbor’s house. It appears they are going to wash the hell out of it.”

I helped take the tarp off and got a whiff of liquified worms. There’s nothing better than reaching your hand into the basket to clean out the leaves, or what you think are leaves, and pulling out all kinds of squirmy animal bodies that were no longer alive…and hadn’t been for some time I’m guessing.

I did the easy role of vacuuming while Pool Boy did the hard work of visiting with the neighbors. I power washed the tarp while Pool Boy talked on his cell phone. I hauled all the stuff to and from the garage while Pool Boy ate the treats the neighbor kids brought over to him. I scrubbed the steps while Pool Boy hosed down the deck. I hauled everything back to the truck while he looked everything over just to make sure it was oky doky.

Pool Boy thought we worked pretty well as a team. He wants me to come along on the next pool opening. I’m pretty sure I’ll have something else going on that night, whenever it is.