Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ten Interesting Things

Toni tagged me for this. I'm supposed to tag 10 others, but I'll just let you play along if you want.

10 Interesting Things About Me

1. I hate being dressed up. I own one dress, one skirt/jacket combo and lots of sweats.

2. I have super-strong and fast growing fingernails so I never need to have fake nails like And I didn’t have these nails, I doubt I would do it anyway. I like to dig around in the dirt too much.

3. I am addicted to Diet Mt. Dew. My doctor has advised me to quit drinking it so I would feel better, but then I decided that if I didn’t drink caffeine then I would no longer be married or have any friends. Wasn’t worth it.

4. My lips get chapped very easily, so I always have to have lipstick or lip balm with me.

5. I’m never happy with my hairstyle.

6. I hate my glasses, but I hate my contacts more.

7. My house is very rarely spotless. I’m always cleaning, but it is never clean.

8. I don’t balance my checkbook.

9. I can’t follow a budget. But I have learned to control my spending more.

10. My nose runs constantly…CONSTANTLY. I always have a box of kleenex with me. I keep a box in every room in my house.

Sorry. Those were supposed to be interesting. And these 10 items are not interesting in the least.