Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back To School Money Breakdown

Sounds like most of you are floored at the amount of money I've spend on school so far. Seriously? Here's the breakdown so far. Please note, though, that Pool Boy has a shoe fetish and is doing his best to pass this on to his kids. I'm picking my battles at this point, people.

Crocs for three = 29.13
Crocs for green = 31.79
Tennis shoes for green = 47.68
Tennis shoes for three = 66.23
Children's Place = 61.44
Basic school supplies = 101.73
School registration = 155.00 (includes activity passes)
TOTAL = $493.00

And this does not include the haircuts, separate PE shoes, or backpacks. I've got them talked into using their old backpacks at first since those are still in excellent shape.

As for Children's Place, this purchased was not planned. BUT, people, this is the first year I've talked Three into wearing JEANS! So I saw they were on sale at Children's Place for $9.00 so I got 4 pairs, plus a school picture shirt for each boy.