Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm All Sorts of Busy

I think I know what a person with ADD feels like. I have so much going on, I can’t possibly keep focused on just one thing. It’s driving me crazy.

First of all, work is keeping me “heads down, fingers moving” busy. That’s good – I’d rather be that than sitting around wondering why they give me a paycheck.

As the boys get older, I’m finding that it’s harder and harder for me to keep track of all their business. To make life easier for me, the boys and I sit down at the dinner table each night after supper and hash through the backpacks. (note to self – review “paper” line item in the school’s budget.)

And then we have all of the extra curricular activities – soccer, football, church choir, school board, city council, and so on.

In my free time, ahem, I am trying to learn something new by reading a bijillion books and working my way through tutorial after tutorial. So every lunch hour is spent doing this, as well as every evening after the kids get to bed. Me and my computer have had some real bonding time as of late.

On top of all that, I’m without a car. Ok, so it’s just last night and today. On my way home from work on Monday, the brakes screamed ENOUGH ALREADY and decided they were done helping me stop the car. I really can’t have that.

On a totally different note (or is it? heck, I don't know) Three won his campaign for homeroom representative! Yeah for Three!!! He already had his first meeting yesterday, and he has to be to school early on Friday to help coordinate a homecoming activity. I'm proud of you, buddy. You are awesome!