Thursday, September 06, 2007


I don't have a specific topic to write about today. So let me just throw out some random stuff here...

Random Item #1
Overheard, as the boys were looking at last year's yearbook:
Three - Who is that kid?
Green - That's Jared. He doesn't live here anymore. I think he's in juvie now.

Random Item #2
I got so screwed on Three's birthday. I found a cheapo iPod on eBay and bought two of them for the boys' birthdays. I didn't open them of course until the night before Three's birthday. When I finally ripped open the package and looked at them, I muttered a low, "Hell no..." Why was I surprised that they were not made by Apple? No, these were definitely (note the spelling, friends) iPods.

Here's the good news about this: The guy accepted my returns and gave me my money back.

Here's the bad news about this: Since we had gotten such a good deal on the iPod, we also got him a Ninetendo DS. So we gave him both. Now that we've returned the iPod, he's short a present. But he wants an iPod. So now I feel obligated to get him a real iPod. Who the hell gets a Nintendo DS plus an iPod on their 11th birthday? Pool Boy and I had a long "talk" about this. Those boys can get that man to do pretty much anything. So I'm in the market for a cheap iPod.

Here's more bad news: Green's birthday is in October. Guess what he wants. Nintendo DS plus an iPod. Damn.

Random Item #3
This weekend is going to fly by. Here's our plan:
Friday night - Friend's 40th birthday party. Live band, food, beverages, should be tons of fun.
Saturday afternoon - Soccer game, which we have to drive to south of Des Moines for. Hmpf.
Saturday night - ISU - UNI game. Boys are pumped.
Sunday - Maybe we'll squeeze in one more day at the lake? Pretty murky down there, but hey, it's Iowa.

Random Item #4
Parents leave for Ireland tomorrow.

Random Item #5
We'll be selling some stocks tomorrow and mailing the cash to a debt payment, probably my car. It's only about $1000 so it's not like we were ever going to get rich on that amount anyway. Dave would be proud.

Random Item #6
I just got done reading The Pilot's Wife. Did anyone else think the ending sucked? I mean the very end. I was reading along, turned the page, only to find that it was the end. I flipped back and re-read the past 2 pages. I don't know - I didn't get it.