Monday, October 08, 2007

40 Before 40!

Today is the day! Even if you weren't able to come up with 40 things, go ahead and post what you've got. It was not that easy to come up with 40 things, was it? Don't forget to enter the link below, preferably pointing directly to your 40 Before 40 post.

  1. Pay of my car.

  2. Pay off HELOC.

  3. Pay off mortgage.

  4. Teach my boys about how to properly use money.

  5. Go on a vacation with just Pool Boy.

  6. Go on a vacation with Pool Boy and all of our friends, without kids.

  7. Become, and stay, physically fit – not to be confused with losing weight. I just feel healthy and fit.

  8. Become a mentor to other people who want to get out of debt and monitor their expenses.

  9. Attend a Dave Ramsey show.

  10. Own another piece of real estate for investment purposes.

  11. Take my family to Disneyworld. (scheduled for next summer!)

  12. Figure out Dreamweaver.

  13. Read the Bible. I’ve always been intimidated by it, but my MIL bought me one that explains all the readings, so now I have no excuse.

  14. Figure out how to keep my house organized.

  15. Break the Diet Mt. Dew addiction.

  16. Paint the trim on my house. Yes, it may take me that long to finish.

  17. Plant a vegetable garden.

  18. Have a plan in place to pay for college.

  19. Get some contacts that feel good in my eyes so I can wear them daily. (No, I don’t qualify for LASIK.)

  20. Minimize the “stuff” I have in my house. I have so much extra stuff like wedding presents I’ve never used, baskets that just sit in storage, old picture frames that I don’t like any more, and on and on. It all needs to go.

  21. Figure out JavaScript.

  22. Memorize (or something close to that) CSS codes.

  23. Learn how to use all the features on my Sirius Sportster radio.

  24. Get a formal family picture. Hopefully yet this month, Julie!

  25. SMOWDB (This is secret code. No, you aren’t going to learn everything about me!)

  26. Get a cellular plan that has free texting.

  27. Serve another term on the school board.

  28. Become more involved with our town festival. If my generation doesn’t step up to the plate, it will disappear!

  29. Organize my family pictures. This does NOT mean scrapbooking.

  30. Convert my digital pictures into real pictures.

  31. Start my journals for the boys. I bought them a few years ago and they are still blank.

  32. Convince my parents to fill out their “Grandparent” journals for the boys.

  33. Do a better job of planning meals ahead of time.

  34. Guide our school district to include a technology/computer curriculum in our elementary school.

  35. Be fully-funding Roth IRAs each year for both me and Pool Boy.

  36. Continue raising my boys the best way I know how.

  37. Work to make sure Pool Boy and I are always happy together.

  38. To make sure I spend a lot of time with the boys because they’ll be out of the house before I know it.

  39. Say these things less often to the boys: “Not today”, “Not Now”, “I’m Busy.”

  40. To reach every single goal on this list!