Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Review

We are on a roll, and wow does it feel good!

Due to the extra paycheck this month, this is the best month we’ve had so far! Even without the additional check, we still would have been pretty even with last month.

Notes on Income
One bonus was that I apparently double paid a bill last month. It was a debt that was paid in full, so I have no idea how I paid it twice when I’m watching the money so close! Anyway, I got that refund today and deposited into checking immediately.

I received some money for helping a relative with his business for a few days this month.

I sold one book on and made 8.00. I like much better than eBay. eBay costs too much, I think, especially if your item doesn’t sell.

Notes on Expenses
We spent 343.00 this month on butchering beef. This will last us for a year, so we think that expense is justified.

Groceries were 460.00, which is about the same as previous months.

This was a birthday month for us, as Green turned 8 on October 25! Yeah for him! But that meant extra money was spent on birthday presents. Luckily we seem to have a large number of gift cards lying around the house that we don’t know who they belong to, so I gathered those up and was able to cut down the cost of his presents.

This month I threw in the towel and paid for an annual subscription to I had been paying monthly for 9.95, and the annual subscription was around 89.00. Plus, I get a free Total Money Makeover book and the fancy envelopes for his system. (We personally don’t do the envelopes.) I figure I can give this book as a Christmas present, so that will save me some in the Christmas budget. Or if I don’t have anyone to give it to, I’ll donate it to our local library because they don’t have a copy!!

And now, the debt
I’m still working on my car, so most likely it will go to that. I have about 9,000 to go on it, but at this rate it won’t take long.

I'm amazed at how much we've been able to pay off just since June. If you aren't keeping track of your money, what are you waiting for? You're now 4 months behind me. Just think where you could be if you had started with me?

And congrats to Iowa Mom and Dad, who have jumped on board. You will be changing the life of your family forever!