Thursday, November 15, 2007

Closet Update

Pool Boy dealt with the closet situation for most of the evening. He went and bought new supplies, pulled all of the clothes out of the closet, and got the shelves back up. He even with through his t-shirt collection and weeded out two garbage bags full. The he hung all the clothes back up, put all the shoes back, and put all the sweatshirts back on the shelves.

After doing family stuff the rest of the evening, we went downstairs to put the boys to bed. I walked into the closet.

The damn thing was down again.

So now it has to wait until we get back from Kansas City. Oh yeah, did I mention that we will be going to Kansas City this weekend with her and hubs, her and hubs, and her and hubs? (The last "her" doesn't blog, hence no link. Ok, and I really wouldn't say the previous "her" blogs either. C'mon girls!) Without our kids! Don't worry - pictures will be plenty when I return.

For those of you stopping by for personal finance posts, they'll be back soon$$$$$$