Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Quote, and stuff

The poor get poorer by acting rich.

The rich get richer by acting poor.
--no idea who this quote belongs to

Yesterday was a NO SPEND day! That’s right…didn’t spend a penny! Today would have been a no spend day, except Pool Boy bought a jacket this morning. Apparently he’s short on jackets? Not even close…anyhoo…

I still haven’t spent any of that extra money from October. We have 7 more windows to replace in our house, and we’re considering using the money to get those ordered and installed before winter hits. By our estimates, we should still have $600 left over to throw at the car. And yes, there are days where I literally want to throw it AT THE CAR.

We think we have our zero-turn mower sold for the price we asked for it, so that should get rid of a nice chunk of debt. And we have two loft beds that are practically brand new but my boys don’t use them – they put their mattresses under them rather than on them. Kind of defeats the purpose of a loft bed, don’t you think. So those two are going on Craigslist. Next to go on Craigslist? A couch that was bought new two years ago and has rarely ever been sat on!