Thursday, December 20, 2007

The CD is Cashed!

We just cashed in CD that we’ve had since 2005. While I’m not a fan of CDs, it worked well for us while we had it. Back in 2005 we were not in control of our finances, so the CD was a great way to keep money “hidden” from ourselves. If we wouldn’t have had the CD, I’m positive we would not have this money today.

So now we have a lump of cash, and Pool Boy and I are disagreeing on what should be done with it. I know what should be done with it, and he doesn’t have any idea what should be done with it – only that he doesn’t want to do what I want to do. So basically we’re doing nothing with it until we agree on it. It’s sitting in a bank account right now patiently waiting for us to decide.

I did take the interest amount on the CD and applied that to our car loan. That makes $2,322.43 sent to our car loan over the past 3 weeks. That rocks!