Friday, December 07, 2007

It's a Personal Decision, Part 2

I know that the decision to be in control of your finances is a personal decision. Here are some questions I would love to pose to those living with debt and who are not aggresively getting rid of it.

1. Do you know how much debt you have?

2. How does it feel to write out checks each month for your car, your truck, your student loan, your new toy in the garage, and so on?

3. How do you think it would feel to be able to actually KEEP your paycheck rather than make payments with it?

4. Wouldn’t it feel great to retire at age 45 or 50?

5. Look at the “stuff” you have. Is all of your “stuff” worth the stress it causes your family because of the expense involved to have it? Remember, family is way more important than your stuff.

6. Does your family have a history of financial stress, generation after generation? Don’t you think it’s time to change that with your generation?

7. Do you want your kids to have to be where you are today, working and working to make payments on cars, credit cards, and mortgages? They need to learn about money now, while they are young. They need to know debt is not a way of life.

8. If you are still running up balances on credit cards, why? What are you purchasing that is so important that you are willing to go into debt to get it? If you don’t have the cash, you should not be buying it.

9. Do you know exactly how much you are spending each month?

10. Why do you choose not to aggresively pay down your debt?

I don’t ask these questions to be mean. I just want to give everyone the chance that I’ve been given. I am so, so fortunate to have gotten on this track. Each of you has the ability to make a difference in your family’s financial situation. Get started today. It’s not too late!