Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Spare Time

Everyone’s busy. We all say we don’t have time to do anything. I catch myself saying that a lot. But in reality, you probably do have some free time every day. Are you using that time wisely?

My spare time occurs during my drive to and from work, which totals an hour each day. I also have a lunch hour. At night, I have an hour or two after the kids go to bed. So really, there are about 4 hours a day that I can officially consider “spare time”.

My drive to and from work is spent listening to podcasts on my iPod – my NEW iPod with cooler features than my old one, thanks to Pool Boy’s early Christmas present to me. My regular podcasts include mostly Dave Ramsey (of course), a little Anderson Cooper 360, Joel Osteen and any other personal development podcasts I come across.

My evenings are spent doing some contract work, learning a new skill such as how to use Flash or researching all the features in Photoshop, or reading personal development or personal finance blogs and books.

I don’t watch much television, and it’s not because I’m against it – I just have better things to be doing with my time. I’d rather know tools to help me be successful than to know the main characters on “House” or “24”.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. ~Henry Ford