Friday, January 04, 2008

Red Boots

A couple years ago, I was on a mission for red boots. I thought they were funky, cool and hip. And maybe, JUST maybe, they would also make me funky, cool, and hip.

My mom bought me a pair, but they weren’t what I was looking for. I returned them and then went out and bought just the right ones.

They sat in my closet the rest of that winter. And the next winter. And the first half of this winter. Oh, they came out a few times for a day at work or a meal at a nice restaurant, but they still just weren’t the right ones.

Yesterday I decided to give up on the red boots. I put them on eBay at 12:35PM. They were sold just a few hours later at 5:25, and they were shipped out over my lunch hour today.

Can you guess where that money will be going? After shipping costs, I only made $13.00 on the boots, but that $13 will be sent directly to my car loan!
201. They should know never to use the words not my job if they're making long-term career plans.