Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Free Book Giveaway!

**UPDATED - To answer EC's question and to give you a head's up, this book is used because I don't buy new books - wasn't returnable.
Hey, ladies and gents. I have another book to give away: Victory Over Debt by Larry Burkett. You'll notice (maybe) that I linked that over to Amazon, where there is a not-so-great review of the book. However, I think it was an excellent read and I know you'll get something out of it. And it's free, so even if you don't, who cares.

"So, green3, if you liked it so much, why are you giving it away?" I was not aware of this, but apparently the publisher of Larry Burkett's books is a freakin marketing genius! I bought two Burkett books: Victory Over Debt and Debt Free Living. I read Victory Over Debt and loved it, and could not wait to start reading the next book. So I settled into bed one night with my book light, opened the second book, only to realize it's the EXACT SAME BOOK WITH A DIFFERENT TITLE. Authors should take this tip and run with it. You can write only one book, but call it a bunch of different names and then people like me will just keep on buying them. It worked for Larry, I don't know why it wouldn't work for others too. But I digress...

Leave me a comment below and I'll pick a winner from there - nothing fancy. I'll quit accepting comments Thursday night so that I can hopefully ship it out Friday morning.