Friday, February 15, 2008

Crazy Lady Calls Dave

Dave had a caller the other day who was mad at her bank and wanted to make sure others knew to be on the lookout for the same problem she had.

She had a bank account with $5.00 in it.

She paid a parking fee with her debit card for $1.00.

A week or so later, she went out to eat and spent $5.00, using her debit card for this account again.

She got a $35 overdraft fee and she was pissed at the bank! Dave was much nicer than I he had to be, because seriously lady – FIVE MINUS ONE MINUS FIVE means you have overdrawn your account! She was mad because she thought the $1.00 charge should have processed immediately and it was not her fault that when she checked her balance there was still $5.00 in there so the bank should not have charged her.

But the real problem I have with this story is…if you only have $5.00 in your bank account, why the heck are you going out to eat?

Crazy people. They are everywhere.