Friday, February 22, 2008

Debt Project

In preparation for a project I’m doing, I need your feedback. This may be not the best crowd to ask, since most of my readers are here because they have the same financial goals that I do.

Feel free to comment anonymously. It’s not important who you are.

I want to know what reasons people have for not aggressively getting rid of their debt.

Does it seem like an impossible task?

Do you not want to cut back your lifestyle?

Does following a budget seem to difficult?

Do you think investing the money is better use of your money than paying off debt?

Do you have the philosophy that “everyone has debt” so you are just living like most Americans do and don’t see a problem with paying minimums on all of your debts? By the way, this would have been my answer a year ago.

For those of you who are now aggressively getting out of debt, tell me your reasons for not doing it earlier.

Spill your guts! Once I complete the project, I will let you see it. BTW, this project is for you, Iowa Mom.