Friday, February 01, 2008

If There Were An Awards Show For This, Here's How It Would Go

And the winner is…

Green3! Here is your trophy, a paid off car!

Oh my gosh! Ok, I’d like to thank the Academy of Debt Reduction and all of its members who encouraged us to get our butts out of debt and start living the life we want to live. I’d like to thank all of the people from craigslist, eBay and who bought all of our extra stuff because you contributed to this! I’d especially like to thank Green, Three and Pool Boy for going along with this crazy plan of mine and agreed to quit buying crap we didn’t need. Because of your commitment, whether voluntary or forced, we’ve made incredible progress over the past 8 months - $28,000!! And of course Dave Ramsey, who encourages me every single day.

I hope you use my little celebration here as encouragement for yourself. If someone told me that I could get rid of $28000 in debt in 8 months, I would have laughed. REALLY loud. We’re just a regular family with regular incomes. What we are doing is something that every single one of you can do if you are willing to make the commitment. It’s so worth it – jump on board.

Only two debts to go: home equity loan and mortgage.

Green3, Pool Boy, Green and Three…
Living like no one else so that we can LIVE like no one else