Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Loose Tooth, round 2

I have a parenting question for all of you, because if there’s one thing about parenting where I’m failing, it’s loose teeth.

Green has “issues” with loose teeth. They scare him, for who knows what reason. When a tooth gets loose, he refuses to eat until it literally FALLS out of his mouth. He won’t pull it, won’t wiggle it, won’t let anyone else even look at it. And the part about not eating? Yeah, he gets weak, can’t stand, all of that business.

So as of this morning, he hasn’t eaten since a late breakfast yesterday. I told him he was absolutely not staying home from school. I even wrestled him to the ground this morning, kicking and screaming, trying to get it out. I went ahead and sent him to school, but I already got a call from the school nurse saying he was very weak. They gave him milk and a pudding cup, but he didn’t eat much of it. Green is well aware that if I have to come get him from school, he’s in big trouble.

What the heck do I do??