Monday, March 31, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I promise this blog won't turn into a depressing blog about my father's death. Give me a few more posts, then we'll be back to the normal (boring?) discussions of personal finance and how to live debt-free. Dad read my blog daily and was very excited about what I was doing here, so it's only right that I continue it.

Looking back over the past month, there are so many things that were getting us prepared for this. Someone knew what we were going to be facing made sure we were as ready as we could be.

Grandchildren - The Tuesday night before he died, my boys had a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa. Green and 3 made a very special dinner with fancy decorations, all for Grandpa when he arrived home from work that night. They got to work on their NCAA brackets together. Dad told me the next day, "Green spent at least 20 minutes making fun of my bracket!" When I asked Green about it, he said, "Mom - he has GEORGE MASON!"

My Brothers - He loved going to Colorado. I think he secretly wanted to move there. He got to spend his last evening with his sons and they were with him when he died. I can't image how difficult that is for Andy and Luke, but I hope they eventually realize what a gift they've been given. They were there for him when he needed them most. What a blessing.

My Mom - They drove to Colorado, which means they had many hours of discussions which I'm sure Mom will never forget. Even though it may have been random chatting, what a special trip for her to remember. How many people given the opportunity to have so many hours alone with the person they love, during their last full day on earth? I hope she treasures that.

My Grandparents - My Grandma had some health issues just a week or so prior to Dad's death. That seemed horrible at the time, but my Dad was there with them throughout the whole thing. He sat with his Mom and Dad for many hours in the hospital, visiting with them and caring for them. That time together has to be comforting to them. He called them after he arrived in Colorado, so they got to speak with him in his last few hours.

His Brothers - At the same time my Grandma was starting to deal with his health issues, my Dad went to Texas for his annual golf trip with his brothers. He always looked forward to this trip and this year was no different. I think that's awesome they all got to see each other so shortly before he died, even though they live all over the country.

His Friends - Just the Saturday before he died, there was a party that quite a few of his friends attended. As far as I know, they rarely got together like this - especially during the winter. How ironic that they got together at this time.

And Me - I worked with Dad so I got to see him every day. The last day before he left for Colorado, I stopped in his office to say I was leaving for the day. He said, "Well, Goodbye. Have a good Easter."

Most of us got to say goodbye to Dad - we just didn't realize it.