Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Budget Busters

Before I get to my Budget Busters, I know many of you are wanting to know how we are doing. Some days are ok. Some days suck. Regardless of which of those days we’re having, it never goes away – not even for a second. So feel free to interpret that as you wish. I wish I had a more “flowery” report, but this gig ain’t easy.

Ok, so Budget Busters. I’ve got a lot of areas where my budget is completely busted. Is busted even a word? Anyway, there are a lot of areas that we we could spend more time focusing on so that we would end up with a larger surplus at the end of the month. Hopefully by writing them down, I’ll be more focused on what needs to be done. Or not.

Budget Buster #1 - Budget
Is it sad that the first Budget Buster is the budget itself? It’s true – I haven’t been following a budget for a few months. I’m still tracking our expenses penny by penny, but I have not sat down with Pool Boy to put together a budget for each month. I know it needs to be done. I know how to do it. I know how to follow it. So watch out May cause I’m all over next month’s budget.

Budget Buster #2 – Grocery Shopping
I actually do very well on groceries – if I’m by myself. If I take anyone else with me, my cart ends up with all kinds of junk in it. Pool Boy is all over “new” products, such as new kinds of chips, as well as convenience-type foods. And the boys prefer all foods high in sugar, carbs, fat and dollars.

Budget Buster #3 – Caffeine
I heart pop. I heart the caffeine in the pop. I spend a lot of money on pop. Hey, at least it’s diet.

cricket noise…

Hmm. I meant to do 4 Budget Busters but I can't come up with another area where I splurge and waste money. I suppose that’s a good sign that I’m on the right track?