Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finding Money

There are stories all over the news about how families are struggling to pay their bills. Here is an example. The most common complaint is that they can’t afford their mortgage payments or grocery bills anymore. I get it – kind of. But what else are these families spending money on unnecessarily?

Below is a list of unnecessary things that could be cut out of a family’s budget. These things are LUXURIES and if you can’t pay your mandatory bills, these things have to go. And you’ll be fine without them – I promise.

1. Cable television. And especially if you have a full-blown satellite system. Monthly Value = $50

2. Cell phone. Do you have a top-of-the line plan? I agree that these are important, but you may be paying for more than you actually need. Re-evaluate your contract. Monthly Value = $50

3. Magazine/video/newspaper subscriptions. The news can all be viewed online for free, and if your budget is tight you don’t need to be sitting around at night watching movies. You need to be doing something! Monthly Value = $50

4. Cars. Still making car payments? There are plenty of reliable cars out there that will get you where you need to go. They won’t be the latest model, but they will do the job. Sell your unpaid for car and get yourself a paid for car. Monthly Value = $350

5. Eating out. This should have been item #1. Monthly Value = $250

6. Going out. This means bars, parties, movies, etc. = $200

With just these 6 things, I’ve found approximately $950 dollars of additional money. I’m sure if you take a close look at your own expenses, you’ll find even more money than that. C’mon readers – tell us other suggestions of areas where people can find additional money!