Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Green3 on the Radio

If you've read through the recent comments, you've seen that some people heard Dave Ramsey mention my name on his radio show the other day. And not even my blog name - my REAL name!

Sadly, it was not on Debt Free Friday. That's for another day.

I sent him an email telling him that I had purchased several of his TMMO books to give away on my blog and to thank him for letting us take advantage of his $10.00 sale. He read my email on the air and used it as a short promo for his Labor Day sale.

If you download his podcasts, you can find it in the first hour of his Aug. 25 show. It's about 10:40 into the show. The boys and I sat around the laptop the other night listening to it. They were so excited. "MOM! DAVE RAMSEY SAID YOUR NAME! I bet he remembers you from when you went to Kansas City to see him!"

Probably, green. Probably.