Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Snowflakes in August

Today I sent a principle payment of $6.48 to my loan.

Since my loan is substantially more than that, you may think I'm insane. Or at the very least, wasting my time.

This is how debts are gotten rid of, friends. You gather every penny you have and put it toward your debt. Don't wait for the huge amounts because they will probably never come. These small payments are called snowflakes!

If you still think I'm crazy, let me tell you that snowflakes played a huge role in getting my car paid off. Every time I sold a book on half.com, the money I made went directly to the loan - even if it meant sending in a check for $6.48. I didn't even waste envelopes and postage because I do all of my payments online. If you are paying your bills through your online banking feature, you really need to do it.

Snowflakes work. They also make you feel like you are accomplishing something - because you are.