Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Where do you see yourself two years from now?

No really. Stop and think. I’ll wait.

So now let’s say I asked you this question two years ago. What would you have said about your life in 2008? Are you right where you wanted to be?

If so, Pool Boy would tell you, “That’s phenomenal!”

If not, it’s time to evaluate what you are doing – or not doing – to improve your life and to reach your goals.

I recently listened to a co-worker give a talk on leadership. She talked for about 20 minutes, but two words in her presentation struck me as soon as she said them: Forward Thinker.

People who are successful are forward thinkers. They have a plan, and they know exactly how they are going to execute that plan. Forward thinkers do not sit back and wait to see what life brings them. Oh no. These people know what they want out of life and they go get it.

I encourage you to start being a forward thinker in your personal life and your professional life. I’m going to direct you
here and I really hope that every single one of you clicks this link and reads the advice this person offers.