Monday, October 06, 2008

A New Week

My tires need replaced on my car. Like, tomorrow. One had started to go flat yesterday and was completely flat this morning. Pool Boy put air in it this morning and took it to work, but it blew out him. The Pacifica is riding on a donut now! So all 4 tires are getting replaced tomorrow. It’s interesting how this happens on October 6 – when I’ve just sent our leftover September money to debt. But here’s the really interesting thing. For some strange reason, I decided to hold off on sending a few hundred dollars to debt. Usually I take it down to zero right away, but this month I held a few hundred back “just in case”. It’s amazing how things happen when you are in control of your money.

We had to stop in Kohl’s yesterday because Green only has 3 pairs of pants that are the right length and width right now. While in line to cash out, I witnessed a very young couple in front of me starting down the vicious path of debt. I wanted to stop them. I wanted to tell them how much money I would have today if I hadn’t been so stupid. But it’s none of my business, so I stood there in silence as they filled out the application for a Kohl’s credit card… so they could get the 10% off the unnecessary home d├ęcor stuff they were buying…

My brother was visiting someone the other day and noticed a Total Money Makeover book on his bookshelf. “Ever heard of him?” he asked my brother. “Oh yes,” he replied. “Let me tell you about my sister’s stupid tax in her back yard.”