Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Favorite Family Game EVER

A lot of blogs post about certain products and tell you how wonderful they are because they are getting paid to do so. This is NOT one of those posts! We have "Family Game Nights" here at the green3 household. Those nights are becoming more and more rare with the numerous activities we have going on, but we do still have them.

Green's favorite games require a lot of technology, but my rule is NO TV ON FAMILY GAME NIGHT. So PS2 and Wii are out. So he may pick Sequence instead. We all enjoy that game and it's easy to play. The Sequence box always confuses me. It says this game is "Recommended by Bill Barrett. Who the heck is Bill Barrett?

Three, on the other hand...Oh Three. His games are painful. He likes games that either make you think a lot or take all freaking night to play. His favs are Clue, Monopoly, Life, and Last Chance.

But friends, THE game your family needs, no matter what age your kids are, is Cranium's Whoono. We love this game! My mom has even borrowed it a few times because adults like to play it too. It's simple to play and creates a ton of laughs. There is some reading involved so little tykes may need a hand, but they will love it.