Monday, December 15, 2008

It’s a Piece of Cake Until Your Spreadsheet Gets Screwed Up

As you know, we’ve been tracking our expenses to the penny since August 2007. Every evening, I update our spreadsheet with that day’s expenses. I always know exactly where we are at financially.

Then Tuesday happened.

Not only did I spend the afternoon in the ER from a possible overdose of stress and caffeine, but I also got out of balance on my family expenses spreadsheet. I’m now over $100 dollars off and I cannot locate it. I’ve gone through every expense for the past week and matched it up to my spreadsheet. No luck.

Oh. The stress and caffeine overdose. Really I have no idea what happened, but I’m contributing it to those two things. And mostly the caffeine. Tuesday morning I woke up and the vision in my right eye was all blurry. The right side of my face was very tingly. And I had a headache. My vision slowly came back, but my face was still weird. (no comments please) By noon, I decided a visit to the ER was in order. After several hours of questions and a CT scan, no results. Which is good I guess. It means there was not a brain tumor or stroke.

I started to thinking back to Monday to see if anything that day could have triggered something. Oh yes – a raging headache all day, a day full of meetings, including a school board meeting that night. And lots and lots of caffeine. More than I normally consume. Apparently my body got to Tuesday morning and said, “Enough, girl! Slow down!”

So I’m trying to take it easy – which, by the way, is NOT easy – and limiting my Diet Mt. Dew intake. We shall see how it comes out.

Oh, and if I wasn’t busy enough, then I went and joined Facebook. That can easily suck up a few hours each night if you aren’t careful. It’s fun, except for the message that tells you, “You have no new friends.” Damn. But I did locate her, her, her and her. And her, too. And a bunch of non-blog people. I've decided to take my flair very seriously over there. But I need more credits!