Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Major Causes of Personal Failure

**This is a re-post of my 9/22/08 entry.

I'm still reading Napoleon Hill's Keys to Success. I ran across this list yesterday in the book and think it's worth sharing with you. Below are some of his "Major Causes of Personal Failure." As you are reading this list, make note of which things are holding you back -- and make a plan to do something about them!

  1. The habit of drifting through life without a definite major purpose
  2. Meddlesome curiousity about other people's affairs
  3. Inadequate education - **Personally I don't take this to mean that you need a college degree in order to be successful. I just think you need to be always learning, reading, studying up on whatever topic needs to be studied to make yourself successful.
  4. Lack of self-discipline
  5. Lack of ambition
  6. Lack of persistence and follow-through
  7. Negative mental attitude
  8. Lack of emotional control
  9. The desire to get something for nothing
  10. Failure to reach decisions promptly and firmly when all the facts needed for the decision are available
  11. Overcaution or the lack of caution - **I think being overly cautious can paralyze you. You'll never make a decision and therefore be stuck in your situation forever.
  12. Indiscriminate spending of time and money
  13. Intolerance
  14. Failure to cooperate with others in a spirit of harmony
  15. Lack of vision or imagination
  16. Egotism and vanity
  17. Desire for revenge
  18. Unwillingness to go the extra mile

This wasn't his entire list - just the ones I wanted to point out. I hope you read that list carefully. Read it again if needed. Any changes you should be making?