Tuesday, December 02, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Some families have traditions of going to a tree farm and chopping down their own Christmas tree. They haul it home and work for hours trying to get it straight in the tree stand. Every year the tree had a different look and shape. That's what I grew up with and I loved that tradition. Unfortunately, the tree tradition at the green3 household is a tad different.

Pool Boy: "We need all the K stems first."

Green: "I thought J stems went on the bottom?"

Three: "No, Green, Ks are first."

Pool Boy: "I'm missing a K. Dig through that box and find another K."

Three: "I'm not looking. I'm working on these Js."

Green: "I'll get the I stems out!"

Pool Boy: "Before anyone does anything else, I need the last K!"

Me: "I'll start putting the Js in."

Pool Boy: "There should be two rows of K, then the rest go up from there."

Me: "That doesn't make any sense. Why would there be two rows of Ks, then just one row of the other ones?"

Pool Boy: "I don't know. Just give me the Js and you start working on the Is and Hs."