Monday, December 01, 2008

Wise Christmas Shopping

This Christmas I really tried to spend my Christmas money wisely. One way I did that was to shop at etsy. If you are not familiar with etsy, you must go check it out. This is a website where individuals can sell their handmade items. I love that my money is going to someONE rather than some big box company (ok, plenty of money went to them as well).

I purchased two items through etsy and both came wrapped very, very nice. They each had handmade cards thanking me for my purchase. One even had a bow wrapped around the item with a note that said, “Made by Susie! Entrepreneur and stay-at-home mom."

As recommended by Cousin Melanie, check out The Vintage Pearl at etsy. I love the square necklace items.

If you like the stamped jewelry look, you should also check out Lisa Leonard. She was one of the "originals" in regards to stamped jewelry and her items are gorgeous.

So please consider spending some of your Christmas shopping money with an individual rather than a major chain store. If you do, you'll have the satisfaction that your money is greatly appreciated and is going to help a family's income. If you spend $30 at Wal-Mart, do they really notice? But if you spend $30 with someone at etsy or someone such as Lisa Leonard, you know for sure that your money is appreciated!