Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hanging with The Boys

Last night I had the opportunity to spend the evening with the boys at the Iowa State Women's basketball game. Three was a ball shagger for the game and Green and I sat in the front row. We had a great time and I proved that mom could hang with the boys at a sporting event.

But I think there were a few times where Green was thinking to himself, "Why isn't Dad here?".

Incident Number 1:
Me: Wow, that team is really doing a good job with their guarding!
Green: You mean D? They have good D, mom.
Me: Yeah. D.

Incident Number 2:
Me: I really like to look at all the different kinds of shoes the players have.
Green: Seriously mom? I like to look at the kind of plays they have. Who cares about their shoes?