Friday, July 28, 2006

10 Things I Can't Do

Chilihead started this, so here I go!

10 Things I Cannot Do

I can’t run – My two sons can beat me, even though my legs are twice as long. I think it would be awesome to be a runner, but I hate even walking.

I can’t go to bed early at night – I’m such a night owl. I love watching TLC or A&E late at night. Plus, it's the only time when I get some flippin' peace and quiet around here.

I can’t drink a lot without getting sick – Just ask my friends. I’ve been majorly hung over several times in the past few months.

I can’t sew – Heck, this isn’t even a skill I need, is it? If something REALLY needs to be fixed, DH can sew well enough to get it taken care of…if I can find a needle. Otherwise I pitch it and buy new.

I can’t get a handle on my landscaping projects – I love to work in the yard, but this summer we were so busy that the weeds have totally taken over. And now it’s almost August, so what’s the point? I pulled a weed yesterday that was so tall and had roots so deep, I pulled my back out just trying to get the dang thing out of the flower bed. I think that's a bad sign.

I can’t just sit and do nothing – I always have to be doing something, but I think that comes from having so much to do. I even had our pool to myself the other day, tried to float around in there in the peace and quiet, and my mind was too busy focused on things that had to be done. So I got out and got back to work. Dang…what I wouldn’t give to be a lazy person for just one day!

I can’t keep my bedroom clean – Disaster, all the time. Nobody ever goes in there except for me and DH, so it doesn’t make any sense to make it all fancy or keep it clean. Shoes, clothes and books are everywhere.

I can’t get my husband to bring the garbage cans back in after the garbage truck has picked up all the garbage – I’m serious. Our garbage is picked up on Friday mornings. I have left them out there until Monday morning sometimes just trying to prove a point. That point was apparently taken by someone else before it reached my husband.

I can’t wear socks that have the seam at the tip of the toes - I mean, they get all garbled up in your shoes and you have to take your shoes off several times throughout the day to get them all straightened around. I’m not a “hosiery” person, and thank goodness my job does not require me to wear hose. Cause I tell ya what, I’d have to resort to therapy to get me through the day with seams at the end of my toes. Even with socks with “normal” seams require me to very carefully put on my shoes just to make sure the seams end up in a comfortable spot.

I can’t stay away from the computer – Hello, I’m green3 and I’m an Internet/email addict.

I can’t stand it when I see typographical errors or misuse of punctuation – I bought a shirt at Target for my son, got it home, and noticed a major error on the front of it. “This is what the world’s best baseball player look’s like.”
I can't cound to 10, because there are now 12 items on this list.