Thursday, July 20, 2006

Attn: SoBe Beverage Company - READ THIS POST!

Very rarely do I get really excited about a particular product that’s on the market. While on my last journey to Colorado, my brother had me try SoBe Lean Citrus. He drinks it every. Single. Day. So I tried it. AND TOTALLY LOVED IT. And therin lies the problem.

They don’t sell this freakin’ stuff where I live! I have access to all the heavy versions and the Lean Green Tea – but zilch when it comes to Lean Citrus. I’ve talked to all the local grocery stores, emailed Pepsi headquarters (who distributes it) and my gas stations. “Can’t get it” is their only reply. Why the heck can’t you? If you get a row of them in your cooler, I promise I will buy every single one of them!

So my two brothers are coming back next week for a visit and I told them to make the rounds of Denver and buy EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE of SoBe Lean Citrus you can find. (Because not only do they have it out there, but it’s also less than $1.00 per bottle!) So I’m anxiously awaiting a full Jeep load of the stuff next week. I can hardly wait.

And what's up with all you people reading my blog and not posting any comments? I LOVE that you are visiting me, but I want to HEAR from you!!