Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Snobby Mom

J, age 6, was invited to a friend’s house today. DH called me at work to ask if it was ok if J went to house to play. ABSOLUTELY NOT, I replied! Well, apparently they were sitting in the driveway waiting to pick J up by the time I got involved, but I did not back down.

So here is why I responded the way that I did:

  1. I have never spoken to the parents and have no idea where they live. We live in a small town, but still!
  2. The crowd the parents run in is…well…not a crowd I would choose. Lots of drug use, unstable marriages (now they are together, now they are not), etc.
  3. I can’t control who their friends are later in life, but I can certainly control them now.

So do I feel bad? A little bit. It’s not the child’s fault. And he just wanted to play with my son for a few hours. Maybe I’ll find out a few years down the road that it would have been totally ok to send him. Until I get to that point, though, FORGET IT!