Sunday, July 23, 2006

A "How Not To Spend Your Weekend" Guide

Yes, I’m sure you’ve missed my presence this weekend. (I like to pretend that I have an enormous blog following.) Despite the beautiful summer weather outside, I was stuck in my house all weekend. I was totally in de-cluttering mode.

I would guess that people who know me are aware of my cluttering habits. My house is usually clean (as in carpet vacuumed, dishes put away, toilets clean) but always has clutter sitting around. It finally overwhelmed me Friday and I decided to take control of the situation.

I was going to take a before and after shot of each room, but once I got going there was no stopping me. I took bathroom breaks and threw morsels of food at the chillins once in awhile, but other than that I was ON. THE. MOVE. So the only before and after shots I have to show you are of the toy room. It was by the far the worst, with our office coming in at an extremely close second place.

Did you SEE that? UGH...looking at it makes me sick. And also makes me thankful it's not Friday night again and I'm just getting started.

So I told the boys that I would clean this room up but from then on it was up to them. (I didn't really want them around while I was doing this because a lot of it got pitched!)

So after many hours and many trips out to the garbage can, I am proud to present you with THIS!!

Ahh....Toyroom Sweet Toyroom. And remember this was only ONE of the rooms I tackled this weekend!

Dear Garbage Men:

I know you were just here on Thursday, but would it be possible for you to come again tomorrow? Especially before this massive pile is discovered by either my boys or my dog? Or by my neighbors who will wonder where all this shit came from? I've enclosed a photo to help convince you of how urgent this request is. Thank you for your time.

Ms. green3