Wednesday, July 19, 2006

WFMW: Stinky Shoes

Here is how to fix your stinky shoe problem! Simply put each shoe in a Ziploc back and stick them in the freezer overnight. If they are REALLY stinky, you may need to spray them with Febreeze ahead of time.

My personal notes on this tip:

  1. I do not have stinky feet or shoes.
  2. Shoes will be frozen after removing them from the freezer. (I liken this to the warning on McDonald’s coffee cups. CONTENTS ARE HOT)
  3. If you get frostbite from wearing frozen shoes, then…well…all I can really do is laugh at you.
  4. If this works, let me know. I have no first hand knowledge of this tip working since I have not tried it myself.

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