Thursday, August 03, 2006

She's a Little Bit Country...

Marie Osmond is in the news today. A line from an article states, “Osmond’s manager said he gets tired of responding to tabloid reports.”

Before I read that article, here’s how I would have assumed a phone call would have gone with Marie’s manager:

So here how I thought a typical phone call would go to Marie’s manager:

Manager: Hello?

Marie: Hi, Mr. Manager. This is Marie.

Manager: Marie who?

Marie: Marie Osmond

Manager: Marie Osmond? I’m your manager? I haven’t heard from you since 1984.

Marie: Well, I think you are my manager.

Manager: Ok, well, what do you want?

Marie: I guess I really don’t need anything. Hey, have you heard that they now have a tooth whitening solution that only takes 1 hour?

Busy guy, eh? Now I consider myself (yes, always and forever) a huge Donny and Marie fan. I had the whole deal – Barbie dolls, microphone, outfit, records and probably a bunch of other crap that my parents could not afford but still bought for me. And yes, jealous girls, I even attended a Donny and Marie concert. So today is a sad day for me. According to how tired and stressed out Marie’s manager is, apparently I’ve missed out on a huge chunk of Marie’s career.