Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WFMW: Helping Families in Need

Food pantries across the nation are always remembered around Christmas time. The need is there all year long! Please donate to your local food pantry on a regular basis.

We have a food pantry drop off box at our local library. At least once a month, the kids and I load up bags of food and take it with us on our weekly trip to check out more books. I've explained to them why we do that and that it may be some of their good friends who are benefiting from it. Sometimes I buy specifically for the food pantry, other times I just look at my cupboards and think, "Why on earth do I have 3 jars of Miracle Whip?" or "I've go so many boxes of kleenex that I can't store them all." So I set them aside for our next trip to the library.

Sometimes I call friends and ask them if we can stop at their house to pick up items to take to the pantry with us. Then I haul the kids around town and let them pick up all the items. They think it's so much fun!

Check all food products for expiration dates before delivering it to the pantry!

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