Sunday, September 10, 2006

Toyena Corliss Skinner

Looking for Toyena Skinner. Last seen 1 WTC, 47th floor.

27 y/o, 5'5", 230lbs, African American Female.

The above comment was posted on a website where friends and families can post messages. Very few of us can imagine what 9/11 families went through those days and weeks, waiting for their loved ones to come home.

Toyena was born November 26, 1973. On this tragic day, she was 27 years old and a new mother. She was employed by First Union Securities/Wachovia. A gut wrenching part of this tragedy – her last day at her job was to be Friday, September 14, 2001. She planned to start a new life as a mommy.

According to comments left online by your sister, your son has grown up to be a brilliant child. He is also very handsome, as he resembles his mother.

I ask all of my readers to say a prayer for Toyena, her family, and mostly her son.