Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Need an Intermission

Ok, Life. Can you just STOP for a moment so I can catch my breath? This week has totally sucked, and it’s only Tuesday.

I know ya’ll stopped by for some chipper blog posting, but I’ll warn you right now – this ain’t it. Once I get out of my frump, I promise I’ll post something more, umm, happy. Until then…

Yesterday started off ok. I forgot to send something with Green to school, but it was nothing critical. It could go the next day, so no real problem there.

I get to work and think, “This would be a great day to load the software update that’s been sitting on my desk.” Bad idea. By noon I wanted to chuck the $500 software out the freakin window. By 3:00 I was starting to panic that I was totally screwed. At 4:55, after major searching on the web for my error message, I finally got my old software restored and back to where I started at 9:00 that morning. You can just write that whole day off.

I had to go to the doctor yesterday for an appointment that totally sucked. But I found out that I couldn't be healthier, so I guess that is some good news. Ok, actually I could be healthier but that point has nothing to do with that doctor appointment. :)

My car is without brakes. I’m having to work from home today so they can have my car, but they just called and said the part for my car would not be in until tomorrow morning sometime so they’ll need to keep my car another day. Ok, see, in order for me to pay you to fix my car, I’m really going to have to go to work. So I kinda need my car back. (ok, ok, we all know that this problem is under warranty and I can work from home in a pinch, BUT STILL! I don’t like being stuck at home.)

There were other things going on as well, but I’ll quit boring you with the details.

I’ll be back later when things are going swell.