Friday, December 15, 2006

Fun Friday

Today is Fun Friday, according to first-grader Green. So I’m going to make a point of trying to find the fun in some things that are not so fun.

Christmas Cards
I submitted a professionally-taken portrait of family to Kodak so I could get some quality cards. Came back crappy. It’s due to their “Kodak Quality Automatic Processing” or whatever and I should have noticed that when I ordered them, if I would have done the online test. Ok, let’s see about the fun part. I think it’s FUN to wait 24 hours to get an initial response from Kodak, only to be told that I should have called rather than emailed, even though right on the order it tells me to email my question. And then I think it’s FUN to sit on the phone going through 10 minutes of options before being told that I’m SOL. Now I think it will be FUN to send out crappy Christmas pics. At least it will say Kodak on the back of them. Evil laughing…

I think it’s FUN that a bunch of clean laundry has been sitting in my library for two weeks now waiting to be put away. And now it’s been walked on, haired up from the animals and so on. This is the kind of sheet that happens when mom is laid up for two weeks. I think it will be FUN to wash it all again today and then fold it and put it away tonight. By myself.

Being at Home
I think it’s FUN to be stuck at home recovering from this while everyone else is out enjoying the Christmas holiday.

I think it’s FUN to have white linoleum on my kitchen floor. It’s constantly dirty, and obviously purchased pre-children and animals.

I've been wanting to participate in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes. I'll try to get some pics taken over my lunch hour today to share with y'all. (You have to say y'all when talking with all those people that Chili hangs with.)