Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Trip Gone Awry

I had every intention of writing a snotty post about how my good friend over at luvthebearcats is now on a FREE 7-day cruise while the rest of us were stuck here in North America in a snow/ice mess, and encouraging all of you to go to her blog and post all kinds of nasty comments. But the trip is not going as planned.

Her parents have been here watching the kids, but her mother has come down with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized last night. I brought the kids home with me last night so now I'm (temporarily) the mother of 4.

I talked to my friend last night and her and her husband have had the vomiting flu ever since they got there on Sunday. She was just starting to feel ok last night.

Let this be a lesson learned, my friend. Bad things happen to people who get these free trips and then rub it in to everyone for several weeks prior to their departure.